Green Buildings Alive

Workshop participants mapping out the Green Buildings Alive program

Strategy Facilitation
Zumio was engaged by the Investa Sustainability Institute to facilitate strategic workshops, bringing together an interdisciplinary panel including building managers, academics, software providers, and the ISI team. The outcomes of the workshops were translated into a roadmap to guide future development of the Green Buildings Alive programme (which is now independent to ISI).

Flavour Crusader

Montage featuring the Flavour Crusader logo

Mobile App Prototype & Research
Zumio carried out design research, prototype development, workshops and user testing in support of the Flavour Crusader initiative, which sought to develop a mobile application to leverage social technologies such as mobile phones, Twitter and location services as a response to important challenges related to food security, health and climate change. » Flavour Crusader Case Study

Caring For Our Country

Caring for our country program logo

Social media strategy
Boomworks engaged Zumio to lead the development of the social engagement strategy for Caring for our Country, the Australian Government’s programme for funding environmental management of natural resources (now called the National Landcare Programme). The development of the social media strategy coincided with the redesign of the programme’s website, for which we also provided user experience support.

UTS Library

UTS Library staff and Zumio facilitator in a workshop

Sustainability Initiative Co-design
We collaborated with the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) Library leadership team to co-design staff-centric activities supporting UTS’s broader sustainability initiatives. We facilitated co-design workshops and assisted with organisational communication strategies to encourage the adoption of sustainability practice within the Library.

Total Environment Centre

Screenshots and example pages from the 'A Question of Power' report.

Demand-side participation strategy
Short Communications partnered with Zumio to facilitate stakeholder engagement activities within the project to develop a strategic communications plan to increase demand–side participation within the National Electricity Market. We designed and facilitated a series of workshop and focus groups across industry stakeholder and consumer groups. We also co-developed a number of key visual communication tools for both the workshops and the resultant communications package.

Other Projects

Prototype electricity monitor device using open source hardware

Energy feedback appliance
We are currently in the early research phase for a project exploring how smart devices can establish more emotive and social engagement with energy usage in a high-density residential context. This includes the design and development of low-cost energy monitoring tools using open source hardware, such as Arduino.

Blockchain energy management
As part of an ongoing contribution to the Random Hacks of Kindness Parramatta group, Zumio staff are exploring the potential of blockchain technology to support micro-grid development.