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Centering on Excellence conference presentation in May

I’m delighted to have been invited to present at the CPA Australia Centering on Excellence conference in May. My presentation session is entitled “Capitalising on the Convergence of Web 2.0”. Here’s the brief overview:

Meet our buzzword for the day: Web 2.0™. What does “Web 2.0” mean, exactly? And is this just a passing fad, or is this a sign of significant social and business change to come? Through a mix of case studies, examples and short historical review, this session will cover both the ethos and technology that is the substance beneath the hype and look at the business, professional and personal benefits that can be gained through smart engagement with Web 2.0.

The session is on 22 May and the venue is the Menzies Hotel in Wynyard, Sydney.

It should be interesting to present “Web 2.0” ideas to a “non-converted” audience (i.e. business-oriented, non-techy/web-geeks).

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