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Brand building on the web

Jax has an enthusiastic post entitled “Building brands on the web“. There’s some great points in there, worth a read (it’s pretty snappy – so won’t take long).

In relation to point 1: “Web users are an active audience” – I would heartily recommend checking out Clay Shirky’s talk at Web 2.0 – it’s a goldmine.

And extending point 5: “Easy and cost effective device to gain customer insights” – make sure you have permission! I know Jax knows this, but didn’t state it explicitly :)

And as Seth Godin and the folks at Campaign Monitor often point out, permission isn’t just “can I email you?” – it means providing timely and relevant communications.

In other words, just because you have an email address and an “opt-in” checkbox doesn’t mean that people won’t consider you spam.