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Web Directions South Government – Workshop notes

Yesterday I lead the Social media and government workshop that was part of the Web Directions South Government conference. I hope the participants enjoyed and benefited from our time together as much as I did – it was a great day from my perspective. Thanks again to those of you that attended.

Thanks also to Maxine, John and the Web Directions team for the opportunity to meet with you all and for putting on such a great day.

As promised, here are the workshop presentation with associated notes (PDF 12.8 MB). I didn’t put this up on Slideshare as it was designed to support the workshop across the day and doesn’t really “read” as a slideshow. (If you think I should put it up anyway, lemme know…) Video slides have also been removed…

There are a number of links in the notes to further information and sources. Unfortunately the links aren’t clickable (does anyone know how to get that to work in Keynote?), but you can copy and paste into your browser to access. I hope that you find the slides and notes useful.

Update 28 May 2008: In the presentation notes I state that MySpace is larger than Facebook. Seems this is no longer the case.

The results of the “Live Wiki” exercise, where we brainstormed the many benefits of social media are also available for download (PDF 40 KB).

I will write up the brainstorming session ideas in the next few days and post them here once they’re done.

One of the side effects of a great brainstorming session is that there are a lot of notes to write up! Sorry for the delay – you can now download them from here (PDF 88 KB).

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