Garr Reynolds in Sydney

For some time I’ve been a fan of Garr Reynolds through his blog Presentation Zen. Last year, Garr also released a book of the same name.

So I was excited to read on the WIPA events page that Garr would be doing a presentation in Sydney.

I’ve signed up for the 2 hour workshop – no doubt there’ll be lots of interesting and useful tidbits to take away. If Garr’s blog is anything to go by, I’d recommend the workshop for anyone that feels that their presentation skills are something they would like to improve.

2 thoughts on “Garr Reynolds in Sydney

  1. Hi Grant,

    I’m torn about turning up to this….I’m a big fan of Garr. Long time reader of his site. Got the book, listened to many podcasts, and I’ve watched his presentation to Google.

    To head along I’ll be skipping work, and I’ll be paying for it. I just can’t imagine he’ll have that much material that’s not already been well covered.

    Great work to see you running OpenID on here now. It’d be great to see the Subscribe to Comments plugin running as well. That way the conversation can build/continue.

    Thanks for blogging about this regardless of my attendance.

    Keep up the good work!



  2. I had the same thought – I’ve not read the book anyways, so even if it covers some things in the book I’ll probably get something about it. I also suspect that he’d leave something out of the other media to make the presentations special ;)

    Re: the comments plugin – another thing on my list. I’ll hopefully be doing a bit of an overhaul early July – so it should be there then, if not before…

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