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Employee privacy when engaging in social media

I was chatting with a colleague the other day about employees engaging in social media on a organisation’s behalf. One of the recommendations I make is that when engaging in these spaces, employees should sign off with their real name, not “Organisation Service Team” or similar.

It struck me during this conversation, however, that employees are then effectively putting their real name, and possibly other details, out into public spaces. Of course, I wouldn’t suggest they use their private email address nor put sensitive personal details online. But even so, asking employees to actively engage in these spaces perhaps needs to be considered from the perspective of privacy etc.

I’m wondering what others think about this? Is this a particular risk? Or is it something that employees do anyway (when sending emails etc.) and isn’t really an issue?

One thought on “Employee privacy when engaging in social media

  1. I agree with you Grant, employees should use their real name (or a pseudonym that sounds like a real name if they prefer).

    There are risks, and organisations shouldn’t give the task of participating in online social networks to somebody who doesn’t understand the risks and how to mitigate them.

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