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Uncensor Day of Protest

Uncensor Day of Protest screenshot example

The Uncensor campaign recently launched an online protest [site no longer available] to take place on 30 July.

The action page contains instructions on how to add a small bit of code to your blog theme to participate in the protest – which will activate automatically on 30 July.

The page explains in more detail and includes a way of previewing what your blog will look like on the day (the screenshot above shows the banner on the Amnesty website).

Disclosure: I’m working on the Uncensor project, but this action is not my work. My bit will be launched real soon now :)

3 thoughts on “Uncensor Day of Protest

  1. Grant, that’s a really great Action. Great work! I’ll be getting into this for sure. Please tell me it auto-switches off afterwards also, and is only up for a few days.


  2. Hi Wade – it will – it just runs for the one day, then disappears (and you can safely delete the javascript after that date).

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