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Web Directions South 08

Well, the talk went well today (by all reports) – thanks to everyone that came along. I have uploaded the preso to Slideshare for those that are interested.

I’ve also uploaded the slides with notes as a PDF (5.22MB). The notes contain further stats and pointers to more information, along with image (and conceptual) credits.

Two quick notes following up from questions and comments after the presentation.

  1. Stephen Collins mentioned that I may have got my facts wrong re: the Police Act Review site – I’m following up on that to find out a bit more about the story. I still think it’s a great example of opening up using social media, but I’ve removed it from the published presentation until I know more. (Thanks for the heads up Stephen!)
  2. In a question after the presentation someone asked if it’s the responsibility of the PR or the Media Agency to manage social media. I suggested that it would more naturally fall into the PR camp, but failed to mention an important point – that really, ultimately, social media works best, I think, without the intermediary – in other words, the organisation should take responsibility itself. But… in the real world I recognise this can’t always happen, and in those circumstances I I think PR has a closer affinity. (Of course I could be completely wrong – definitely open to comments on that point…)

Anyways – thanks again to everyone who came along, and also to those folks who spoke to me afterwards and in the breaks. I’m looking forward now to relaxing and enjoying the rest of the conference!

4 thoughts on “Web Directions South 08

  1. Thanks Priscilla – yeh – I still think it’s a great tool to work with (a pointer to your original post is in the presentation notes – I’ll have to work out a better way to get them into the Slideshare presentation).

    I’m not sure the colour approach works for signifying risk, but I wanted to at least make a stab at it given comments from previous presentations I’ve done…

    Would be delighted for you to present it at Social Tech ;)

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