Recently linked (02-Nov-2008 to 06-Nov-2008)

  • CIO – Hands off the Internet – CIO mag chimes in on the planned filter and creates a petition to support their efforts (site sign-up required)
  • Cluetrain Review – Worth revisiting the 95 theses of the Cluetrain Manifesto – a simple review on Slideshare (via Jax: Many of these still hold strong today…
  • Are Designers also Marketers? – Joshua Porter: "when designers are tasked with selling their product they make better products. When they are not tasked with selling their product they have less responsibility, and thus aren’t forced into getting feedback on what they’re making. It’s that feedback you get from selling, from your success/failure at marketing, which pushes back positively into the design process."

(These links were posted to my feed between 02-Nov-2008 and 06-Nov-2008.)