2009 – ready or not, here I come!

Happy new year everyone! I hope y’all enjoyed a bit of a break over the holiday period. I enjoyed some time off in Queensland visiting family and friends, then a few days of R&R in Sydney to celebrate the arrival of another new year.

Today I’m “unofficially” back to work – though I’ll be easing into it, kicking off “officially” on the 7th. But I at least have a moment to blog – which is a nice change ;)

Which is to say it’s been mightily quiet around these parts of late (in part due to my time away) – my apologies. I’ve been busy with work and personal projects which has meant blogging, outside of “recent links” and presentation posts, has been pretty light on.

Hopefully in the coming weeks I’ll be able to get a bunch of posts that have been waiting dutifully on the back-burner up and out into the world. But of course, that all depends on how crazy things get – so we’ll see…

Suffice to say I’m looking forward to what’s in store this year – if last year is anything to go by it’ll be a corker :)