Recently linked (16-Feb-2009 to 21-Feb-2009)

  • Average open rates and response rates for email appeals [article no longer available] – "The average open rate for email appeals is 14%" – with pointers to the source.
  • Innovators in Social Media – Beth Kanter is among others interviewed for the Business Week video on innovation in social media and networking.
  • Is Social Media Bullshit? – An excellent presentation with voiceover by Jay Neely summarising some of the key benefits of engaging with social media and networking tools in business. Well worth the 5 mins it'll take to watch…
  • What I learned redesigning the Campaign Monitor newsletter – Great tips from Campaign Monitor based on their experience redesigning their own email template.

(These links were posted to my feed between 16-Feb-2009 and 21-Feb-2009.)