Recently linked (27-Mar-2009 to 31-Mar-2009)

  • AIMIA Mobile Traffic Trend Report released – "At a forum on Tuesday March 31st 2009, the AIMIA Mobile Measurement Committee officially launched the first AIMIA Mobile Traffic Trend Report on the growth of traffic across mobile internet sites in Australia."
  • Sydney CBD and suburbs hit by massive blackout – The Herald Sun had a pretty good roundup of the recent blackout in Sydney CBD. Under the heading "Follow the story on Twitter" is this pearl: 'RT said: "Power just out in Wynyard. The trains are still running though."' RT = "retweet" – the journo is clearly not a Twitter regular…
  • Salesforce Twitter: Don't interrupt customer conversations – Laurel has some words for the wise about Twitter engagement as tools like Salesforce make it easier to listen in on conversations.

(These links were posted to my feed between 27-Mar-2009 and 31-Mar-2009.)