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  • Dear Hoyts: here’s 5 tips on showing movie times on your website – Seems movie chain owners are getting lots of free advice about how to improve their websites… Here Mathew Sanders puts forward some ideas for Hoyts. I suspect the teams working on these sites are making the same suggestions, but somehow management is missing the point…
  • Twitter Guide (site no longer online) – Excellent “starters guide” to Twitter for business.

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  1. Hi Grant, thanks for the trackback!

    I was involved in an RFP for a redesign of the Skycity Cinemas website (another New Zealand cinema chain) which included some a quick speculative design in the proposal only with the intention of showing some though processes. We didn’t get the deal, but later we noticed that our design (flaws and all) has been implemented. It was flattering that they obviously had liked our pitch (but maybe not the price) and embarrassing to see such rushed and half complete ideas carried throug. I’ve just had a look at their current site which has changed one of the worst ideas (a 3D cover-flow display of currently showing movies in a tiny viewport) but the site is still a general mess:

    But my experience from this project was that surprisingly there wasn’t a lot of web knowledge in the organisation. They were supported by a tiny web team (I think of 2-3 people with a development background) and a strong team in traditional offline marketing, and they are missing a huge opportunity online :-(

    p.s. You might want to check out your trackbacks – the one to my blog was originally linking to this page not found ( – but edited it to refer back to this page.

  2. Thanks for the insight Mathew.

    Re: the Trackbacks – I edited two posts (posted on the same day) into one – the trackback would’ve been sent before I merged them…

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