Recently linked (21-Jul-2009 to 22-Jul-2009)

  • Technical Lead role at Digital Eskimo – My friends at Digital Eskimo are looking for "a talented and inventive Technical Lead who wants to take a leadership role in the creation of innovative technical solutions that contribute to our mission of leading the design industry in sustainable innovation."
  • How One iPhone App Could Save Public Radio – "Though Apple introduced in-application payments last month, the feature is only available to paid apps (Public Radio Player is free) and charitable contributions through the iPhone are strictly prohibited. They can't even be talked about, Shapiro says, because Apple doesn't want to deal with the possibility of charity scams, there's tax complications, the platform's standard 30% fee for payments isn't tenable in a non-profit context and Apple has no financial incentive to solve this sticky complex of problems."
  • Django 1.0 Template Development – Interesting looking new book delving into the Django templating engine – would be checking it out if I was still dev'ing in Django…

(These links were posted to my feed between 21-Jul-2009 and 22-Jul-2009.)