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Gov 2.0 conference workshop

UPDATE 2009-09-07: CeBit (Hannover Fairs) have since turned down my pro-bono offer of services to run this workshop – so the information below is no longer relevant/accurate.

I’m excited to announce my participation in the up-coming CeBit Gov 2.0 conference, my first public engagement as part of Inspire Digital.

The conference will be taking place in Canberra on 19 October and I’ll be participating both in the panel discussion before lunch and also running one of the evening workshops. The current (somewhat “beta”) blurb for the workshop is:

Getting buy-in for your social media initiatives

In this interactive workshop, we will move beyond the introduction of social media platforms in Gov 2.0 and will focus on providing participants with the necessary tools to develop a plan to achieve buy-in for social media initiatives within the organisation. The focus will be on how to get ideas across the line with key stakeholders in your organisation and how to tackle the concerns that are often raised, including:

  • linking initiatives to your organisation strategy and objectives
  • potential risks surrounding engagement
  • ROI measurement
  • resourcing

This is a new workshop that has evolved from my key learnings during the past 12 months of delivering presentations and workshops to a variety of folks wanting to learn more about engaging social media & networking. It’s honing in on the “next steps” to take once you’ve got an idea that you think might be worth pursuing. My aim is for it to be complementary to the conference program – hopefully we’ve achieved that objective.

That program is looking pretty good too – if you’re interested or working in Government 2.0 (I’m personally not a fan of the term, but it seems to have stuck) it’s well worth checking out. I’m looking forward to checking out a number of speakers on the day in addition to the sessions I’m involved in.