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OpenAustralia barred from republishing Queensland Hansard

I’ve mentioned OpenAustralia here in the past and have also mentioned it in a number of the workshops I’ve given over the past 12 months (Disclosure: I’ve also supported them financially and am friends with some of the key volunteer contributors).

OpenAustralia is a grassroots effort to make the Hansard more accessible. The initiative is expanding into State politics and this has sparked an interesting exchange with the Clerk of Queensland Parliament.

The concerns outlined in the Clerk’s response to OpenAustralia’s requests are familiar to me having been raised in a number of the workshops I’ve facilitated over the past few months. These include issues of:

  • Copyright
  • Liability relating to re-publishing
  • Resourcing
  • “Authorative source” concerns

As the momentum increases in the “Government 2.0” space these issues will be raised more and more often, I suspect. How the OpenAustralia appeal goes will be of great interest – perhaps setting the tone of future exchanges in the space.