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NSW Public Sphere

Regular readers may recall that I have a initiative of donating 1% net profit to causes I support each quarter.

I spotted in politician blogger Penny Sharpe’s recent email out that the NSW Public Sphere [site no longer available] conference, was looking for support to cover the costs of the event.

As a big believer in more transparent and representative government, and of the power of social/web 2.0 tools for helping in this aim, I decided to apply the funds from last quarter (plus a little bit of a “top-up”) to support NSW Public Sphere.

Though not my intention, technically this makes Zumio a “sponsor” of the event. I’m proud to be associated with the event in this context, but my main hope is that NSW Public Sphere will help spark further advancement of what’s being termed “Government 2.0”.

As far as I know the organisers still need further funds to cover costs, so if you think you can help, contact Penny (details on her site) to let her know.

Of course, I’m also looking forward to participating in the event. If you’re going, I’ll see you there :) Otherwise keep an eye out for the #nswsphere tag on Twitter for ongoing commentary throughout the day.