Recently linked (05-Oct-2009 to 12-Oct-2009)

  • The third way for designing enterprise wiki information architectures – James Dellow outlines a "hybrid" social/structured approach to wiki design – the thinking behind it resonates with my experience.
  • The two App Stores – An excellent post by Marco Arment (the dev behind Tumblr and InstaPaper) on Apple App Store "economics" (two very different models operating within the App Store ecosystem). I'm definitely an "App Store B" person…
  • Tweeting is more than just self-expression – "Companies are also benefiting from Twitter, where 20 percent of the tweets contain requests for product information or responses to the requests, according to Jim Jansen, associate professor of information science and technology in the College of Information Sciences and Technology (IST) at Penn State."

(These links were posted to my feed between 05-Oct-2009 and 12-Oct-2009.)