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World Usability Day in Sydney – 12 Nov

I’m delighted to be presenting as part of the UPA activities for World Usability Day in Sydney on 12 November.

The theme is something close to my heart: “Designing for a Sustainable World”. I’m presenting two short talks at the Blacket Hotel, King Street Sydney:

Usability in a sustainable future

[4:40pm] Usability and human-centered design practices are likely to play significant role in the success of sustainability initiatives. This talk will review some of the connection points between these two disciplines, illuminated by examples of usability in sustainable projects from across the world.

Exploring the Human Habitat

[4:00pm] Ethnographic and contextual inquiry research techniques can provide valuable insights that inform sustainable practice and communications. This talk explores the process employed to develop the second version of WWF’s “Future is Man Made” sustainable living site (currently in it’s third evolution) which utilised “mobile diaries” among other techniques to gain a deeper insight into participant behaviour to inform the site’s design.

I’ve been informed by the organisers that there are a few presentation spots still open on the day, so if you would like to speak, or know someone that may be an interesting addition to the program, let me know