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World Usability Day presentations

Just a note to say “thanks!” to Lisa and the organisers of World Usability Day Sydney – it was a pleasure to speak and I hope that it added constructively to the day’s dialogue.

The slidedecks from the two presentations are provided below both as a Slideshare presentation and as a PDF download which contains my notes, links to further information and image credits.

Usability in a sustainable future

In this presentation my aim was to provide an overview of how usability and user experience design practice can play a positive role in achieving sustainability outcomes. It proposes we extend our concept of usability to include pre-use-ability and end-of-use-ability, considering design, packaging, materials, re-use, recycling and disposal, demonstrating the concepts with recent examples.

Usability in a sustainable future slides with notes (PDF 1.65MB)

Exploring the Human Habitat

This presentation focuses on the research process behind the redevelopment of the Future is Man Made (FiMM) site that I managed while working at WWF-Australia. The site as outlined in the presentation was launched just prior to Earth Hour 2007, and the research informed the approach to social media engagement for Earth Hour as well as the FiMM site itself.

Human Habitat slides with notes (PDF 1.59MB)

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