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Building in meaning

Umair Haque’s post From Social Media to Social Strategy in the Harvard Business review (hat-tip: Michelle Williams) resonated with me, as I’ve been thinking along similar lines about building a more robust definition of “value” in a business context, beyond the financial bottom line:

… from Wall Street to Detroit to Big Pharma to Big Food to Big Energy. Our research suggests that 95% of organizations are unable to offer socially useful stuff that creates meaningful value for people, communities, and tomorrow’s generations.

Yet, most “social media” strategies have one or more of three goals: to “push product,” “build buzz,” or “engage consumers.” None of these lives up to the Internet’s promise of meaning. They’re just slightly cleverer ways to sell more of the same old junk. But the great challenge of the 21st century is making stuff radically better in the first place — stuff that creates what I’ve been calling thicker value.

I like the idea of “thicker” value – and I’ve also been wrestling with finding the right language to describe this concept. He goes on to say “Organizations don’t need ‘social media’ strategies. They need social strategies: strategies that turn antisocial behavior on its head to maximize meaning.”

This idea of “anti-social behaviour” is an interesting perspective on business attitudes and approaches. But that’s just a taste – the rest of Umair’s post is well worth the read also. Check it out…

3 thoughts on “Building in meaning

  1. michellewill1212

    Hey, Just typed in Umair and social strategy into Google and guess who came up 2nd? ;)

    There is a 1st part to the above article and I feel it effectively portrays the current state of the landscape, the misconceived value of Social Media relationships and the rut that those in business and in marketing, are guilty of

    Glad you enjoyed the article, as I said, thought of you and where you are at when I read it.


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