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Apple’s cult(ure) of design

I was thinking this morning about all of the hype surrounding the release of the iPad in the US and iPhone OS 4.0 beta from Apple. I agree with many commentators that it’s over the top, and that it would be great if some of that energy was channeled to more positive outcomes.

I’m not sure why this is, but I’m impressed by how Apple inspires so much creativity in others. This is despite Apple playing catch-up (with the iPhone OS 4.0) to many other mobile manufacturers. And how disproportionate the emphasis from developers is on developing sites and applications for the platform (given marketshare), despite the well documented issues with the walled garden approach from Apple.

I think this is a reflection of the “experience-driven organisation”, as Jesse James Garrett calls it, that Apple has cultivated. This culture of design inside the organisation expands beyond it’s boundaries, inspiring those outside the organisation to contribute to it. And it’s not just developers – I think this resonates with many customers. They too want to be part of this culture.

It’s a positive feedback loop. And this, I think, is one of the key drivers of Apple’s success, and some degree of the hype…

One thought on “Apple’s cult(ure) of design

  1. chrisgaul

    Apple seems to provide not only an excellent experience for end users, but also critically for designers and developers: designing for these platforms is made easy and rewarding and designers and developers become attached to these systems and products with the same emotional bonds as other users.

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