Shifting emphasis

It’s been a while between posts here, in part due to a change of direction for Zumio, that I now feel I’m now in a position to begin to share.

Over the course of my masters degree I’ve been thinking about “what’s next” for the business. Undertaking the course has generated a number of opportunities that I’ve been wanting to explore, specifically products and services that enable or enhance social innovation, in the model of the platform for social innovation model I’ve talked about before.

However, the challenges of running a consulting firm have typically taken precedence. Gradually, over time, I have become more passionate about exploring these ideas in more depth, and as such, I have decided to refocus Zumio on seeding these initiatives.

I’m grateful for the opportunities we’ve had to work on such amazing projects in our 5 years to-date. We’re certainly inspired by the example set by our clients. It has been a privilege to be part of so many diverse and meaningful projects.

And I’m looking forward to the opportunity to share more about these ideas, centred around the areas I explored in my masters—food systems, social and mobile technology for behaviour change, and shared value applied to small business—as they develop. I hope that the dialogue through this blog will continue to grow along with these new initiatives.