Business 2.0, Sustainability

Bike smart with Nau

I’ve been a fan of Nau clothing since their launch and have watched closely as they went through closure, were bought out, and have started to rise again.

Nau make stylish active wear. It’s not hard to notice that more recently they have made cycling culture a focus. Their latest email newsletter is one example.

I think this approach is really smart. They have a clear niche they’re focusing on, but that niche has much wider-spread appeal to the urban fashion set. That is to say, there are many folks that aren’t part of cycling culture that still admire and appreciate the “hipsters on fixies” as part of their guide to style and fashion.

When thinking about social innovation and sustainable business (which Nau is—they follow the cradle-to-cradle principles of “waste = food”) this is very important. To not target only on the sustainability minded, but to find a strong niche that is aligned with those sustainability values. This is part of the advice from our case study on Haul—that it was the uniqueness of the product that was the (primary) selling point, not sustainability features.

In any case, I’m excited by Nau’s prospects and direction, and am even more excited by my recent discovery that they now ship internationally :) Just a matter of time before one of these ends up in my wardrobe…