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IxDA Sydney presentation

Over the course of a few recent posts I’ve explored some of the challenges with reducing electricity consumption in a high-density residential environment.

On 2 June (Thursday next week) I’ll be diving into this problem space a little bit further at the IxDA Sydney meetup, and demonstrating some recent work and early directions that have been emerging from our consideration of this design challenge.

My talk is titled: Ambient interfaces: Influencing energy behaviours in urban environments

The outline of the session is:

Could a digital device create a stronger connection to the natural world? Might alternatives to “graphs and charts” be (more) effective in changing energy consumption in the home? Inspired by clever examples of biomimicry and social research into energy behaviours, designer and sustainability practitioner Grant Young is in the early stages of exploring these questions.

In this session’s talk, Grant shares his journey from theory to concept to these early data collection prototypes—a wifi-based energy monitor leveraging open source hardware (such as the Arduino and low-cost sensors). His talk will touch on biomimicry and eco-visualisation, designing for devices (with limited UI), data-informed design, principles of behaviour change, the benefits (and challenges) of open source hardware prototyping, and more.

I’ll be joining Henry Cho who is speaking on embedding User testing in a Lean UX Team, and (intriguingly!) the connection between Henry’s UX practice and his background in martial arts…

Unfortunately for anyone without a ticket, the event is already full-up, but there is a waitlist. We’ll be posting the presentation with supporting notes in due course also.

I’m looking forward to connecting with folks before and after the presentation to chat further on this topic and, I hope, learn more about people’s experiences and insights into the space. And hopefully to catch up with a few familiar (and new) faces in the interaction design and user experience design community. Hopefully I’ll see you there :)

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