A key element of our work is facilitating better connections between our clients and their stakeholders, creating healthier businesses and communities. We are often asked to bring people together to understand the changing business landscape and creatively respond to the challenges raised.

We’ve all been stuck in poorly facilitated workshops at one point or another. Such workshops can be boring, unengaging, and at worst a time-wasting exercise plagued by unclear objectives and poorly structured activities that, in the end, just don’t answer the right questions.

This is why effective workshop facilitation is so critical. Our workshopping and co-design methods are interactive, creative, efficient and effective—designed to get beyond the talk and into tangible and actionable outcomes.

The outputs of these workshops serve as a rich resource to inspire and inform the design process, to whatever question we are seeking to answer. Our clients have commented how much they learned about their business just by participating in workshop activities we have facilitated.

We have delivered workshops ranging in scale, from small (6) to large (50+) groups, ranging from executive briefings to strategic planning sessions, or capacity building. Workshops are typically half- or full-day events.


We offer a range of half-day workshop packages based on the activities that our clients have regularly asked for and found most valuable. These workshops provide a great introduction to our facilitation services at a fixed cost.

All workshops include an introductory planning session where we gain an understanding of your business requirements and the objectives of the workshop so that we can concentrate the workshop activities on achieving your specific needs.

We also provide you with a high-level review and analysis of the key themes and learnings that emerge from the workshop as part of the base cost. Contact us to learn more about workshop inclusions and common options (e.g. larger groups, transcription services).

Walk in your customer’s shoes

Leverage your team’s domain knowledge and your market research to more deeply understand your business from the perspective of your customer. Engage your team to create a fresh, shared understanding of what’s important to your customers.

Competitor & brand mapping

Understand what your brand means to your team and collaboratively develop a shared vision for the future. Map your brand against your competitors to understand your distinct value proposition and separate yourself from the pack.

Business model innovation

Understand your current business model and how it might evolve to leverage untapped markets. Develop a lean business model canvas to identify potential new offerings and markets. Explore ways to redefine your value chain to deliver your services or products at lower cost.

Shared value illumination

Grappling with what sustainability means for your organisation? Wanting to link your CSR activities to driving innovation within your business? Engage your team to uncover strategically important environmental and social impacts and, importantly, how you can derive business value by addressing them.

Capabilities building

We also offer a range of workshops where we share our team’s expertise, helping to bring your team up to speed with key trends and developments that are shaping the business landscape. We have developed sessions that illuminate how social media, multi-sided markets, shared value, sustainability, and service design/design thinking approaches apply to our clients’ businesses.

These sessions can range from presentations to full-day workshops, with an emphasis on knowledge transfer and working with your team to internalise the concepts and their application to your business.

Bespoke workshops and presentations

We offer bespoke workshop design and facilitation services for occasions when you need to go beyond our pre-packaged workshops and capabilities building sessions, if you want assistance in developing and rolling out your own program, or when you want to “mix and match” activities from across our various programs.

Bespoke programs require a deeper level of program design, and will also involve a greater degree of consultation and collaboration with you at the outset of a project. We then develop a program to meet your budgetary, timing and resource requirements.

Due to their flexible and customised nature, our bespoke offerings are costed on a case-by-case basis with due consideration of your total project budget.

Public presentations

Members of our team are also recognised thought leaders with strong public communication skills and can provide bespoke presentation services to people in your organisation, or at industry conferences and seminars, explaining key concepts related to our work such as design thinking, sustainability, social innovation, social media and networking, the collaborative economy and co-creation.

See our Slideshare profile for examples of past presentations.