We are passionate about the role that digitally-led innovation can play in driving shared value—where business goals are aligned with positive community and environmental outcomes.

We support for-purpose organisations to untangle what is often referred to as the fuzzy front end of the design process—where opportunities are identified and concepts are tested and developed.

Diagram illustrating the messy nature 'fuzzy front end' of the design process

We do this at both the organisation level—for example when developing business plans and strategies—and the project level—for example, in the design of a new product or service (or re-imagining an existing one).

Our approach provides a solid foundation to navigate the inevitable ambiguity of this challenging phase in innovation practice—uncovering opportunities for innovation, identifying optimal solutions, while also reducing risk.

We work collaboratively with our clients, bringing together our own network of specialists to complement our clients’ own project team’s internal expertise and capabilities. Zumio’s contributors not only bring their own skills and experience to the table, but they also guide project teams through the process, building organisational capability in the process.