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Service design presentation at Saasu Conference 2012

Saasu Cloud Conference 2012

I’m really looking forward to be joining the crew at Saasu and a bunch of great speakers, including Stillgherrian and Phil Morle at the Saasu Cloud Conference 2012.

Perhaps unsurprisingly I’ll be talking about service design. As one of the founders of Saasu (full disclosure: Saasu is a Zumio client and I personally remain a shareholder) I know that the principles of service design have always been a core part of what the company does. This commitment, I think, is reflected in my conversation with CEO Marc Lehmann when he first spoke to me about the conference. He was emphatic in making it clear that the conference will be 100% focused on supporting Saasu customers, not spruiking products or services.

So my talk will be exactly that — I’ll be exploring service design from the perspective of Saasu’s customers and how it impacts SMEs, accountants and the finance industry. I’m looking forward to sharing some of our learnings on how design thinking can deliver practical benefits and to get feedback from participants at the conference on how they see service design working (or not working) for them. I’m looking forward to attending the whole conference — it’s shaping up to informative and inspiring day…

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CPA Congress

I’ll be presenting at the CPA Australia Congress in NSW next week. I’m looking forward to the opportunity to present some new material – this time around web business (my focus will be web applications).

At my WDS08 talk I mentioned that CPA Australia were using Ning to encourage networking around the Congress. We’ve just started a group [site no longer available] there if anyone’s interested in participating.

Details of the session follow:

Maximising the opportunities of the online marketplace

From the embers of the ‘dot-com’ collapse we are seeing a new breed of internet-based businesses and rapidly evolving opportunities for business service delivery.

Yet even organisations that have the right formula are faced with the challenge of managing rapid growth whilst still ensuring quality of service.

Explore the key trends and concepts underpinning successful e-commerce businesses:

  • The rise of ‘Web 2.0’
  • Agile methodology
  • Leveraging network effects and the long tail
  • Mashups, social media and going mobile
  • User-centred and social design
  • Scaling and internationalisation challenges