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Social media bigger than email, and advertising ain’t the model

Two interesting posts came across my Twitter stream today.

The first: How To Monetize A Social Network: MySpace And Facebook Should Follow TenCent looks at how Chinese social networking company TenCent totally gets the “because effect” and raises more $$ through non-advertising revenue than Facebook or MySpace.

This was followed by the news that Social networking is bigger than email – with 10% of “internet time” devoted to social media. (I’m still digging to find what the other 90% is used for…)

According to that blog report (I haven’t had a chance to read the full report yet): “The search for a workable ad model is even more urgent now that social media has broken out of the youth demographic, Nielsen found.”

Perhaps, then, Nielsen are looking in the wrong place?

Links links (28-Jan-2008 to 04-Feb-2008)

  • – Another free stock photo site and community. A potentially useful addition to iStockphoto and Stockexchange.
  • Sprout Builder – “Sprouts” are widgets that you can add to your site and share with others, created from your own media. Although I’ve not looked deeply into them, they seem a handy and quick way to build promotional widgets for your organisation or cause.
  • Is the Tipping Point Toast? – This article has been spreading like wildfire through blogland. A rebuttal, of sorts, to “The Tipping Point” concept where a few “influentials” take trends viral. Thought provoking, and I would say essential reading for anyone in the marketing biz.

(These links were posted to my feed between 28-Jan-2008 and 04-Feb-2008.)

Links links (15-Jan-2008 to 17-Jan-2008)

(These links were posted to my feed between 15-Jan-2008 and 17-Jan-2008.)