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VicRoads social media case study

In mid-2009 we had the pleasure of working with the VicRoads team on a series of workshops for staff from across the organisation as an introduction to social media and networking.

The workshops were in part presenting these tools to staff, as at the time they were still quite new, and in part to inform and generate ideas for a broader social media strategy for the organisation.

So I was delighted to see that one of the folks involved in that initial strategy, Jonathan Roper (at the time with Paris First, now running Briarbird) has posted a series of video interviews talking about a recent social media initiative using an internal blog to gather feedback and generate dialogue for organisational improvement.

There’s some great stuff in there for anyone considering how to apply social media in a government organisation — well worth checking out. It seems that some of the ideas we were talking about in those early workshops are really starting to take shape within VicRoads, which is fantastic to see.

Social media & networking

Trust in social media

The latest Edelman “Trust barometer” was recently announced. There doesn’t appear to be a huge amount of difference from this year to last year’s statement, but I felt it had some interesting points that related to the impact social media can have for organisations.

“trust in media is rising because the definition of media has broadened to encompass social media,”

… trust in CEOs continues to lag at about 20% in the United States, versus 43% for an average employee. “Companies need to be engaged at the intersection of the top-down and peer-to-peer models of communication,” said Mr. Edelman, “relying on both experts and empowered employees to supplement statements by the CEO.”

… Only 20% of respondents trust corporate or product advertising.

Each of these continues to point to the role social media can play within an organisation. I think the “trust in CEOs” point is interesting, because a well-done executive blog can help personalise a CEO and increase trust.

Edelman’s comment about “experts and empowered employees to supplement statements by the CEO” is also interesting – again, social media can play a role. Blogging employees are one possibility (and have achieved a lot of value for both Microsoft and Sun in terms of increasing trust).

Links links (19-Jan-2008 to 23-Jan-2008)

  • 9 Benefits of Twitter for Bloggers – Darren Rowse writes up his thoughts on the benefits of Twitter. His focus is specifically on bloggers, but still useful for anyone wanting some ideas as to why Twitter may be useful to them.
  • what’s new on reddit: new features – reddit will soon support focused, private and semi-private reddits. I think this is important for orgs wanting to use except for the “public-ness” of it. We might see retooling of tools to support reddit if it takes off.
  • Zookoda – An interesting looking (free) service – from what I can tell it takes an RSS feed and sends HTML email updates on that basis. Great for promoting your blog or creating quick email newsletters for your organisation. Will need to look into it some more…

(These links were posted to my feed between 19-Jan-2008 and 23-Jan-2008.)

Links links (15-Jan-2008 to 17-Jan-2008)

(These links were posted to my feed between 15-Jan-2008 and 17-Jan-2008.)