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CPA Congress South Australia

I’ve had a lovely time in Adelaide the past two days – it’s a lovely city (I’ll have to come back sometime soon). Thanks to CPA for inviting me (and putting me up in such lovely digs at the Sebel Playford).

The reason for my visit was to present to a CPA Congress session on “Maximising Opportunities in the Online Marketplace”. Whilst similar to the previous sessions I presented, I did shorten and restructure things a little.

You can also download a PDF of the slides with notes (PDF 10.4 MB).

Bonus link: Laurel Papworth’s talk from the Congress is also available online.

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CPA NSW Congress

Today I presented at the CPA Australia NSW Congress – the title of my talk was “Maximising the opportunities of the online marketplace”.

I swear I’ve been doing more than just presentations recently… Honest! ;)

This could have easily been a “monetising social networks” presentation, but Laurel’s already done a great job of that already ;), so I focused on web applications.

The presentation slides plus notes are available as a PDF (11 MB). The notes contain further credits, pointers to more information and some explanation as to the content of the talk.

And just a reminder that we have a group over at the CPA Congress Community site [site no longer available] if you’d like to continue the discussion.

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CPA Congress

I’ll be presenting at the CPA Australia Congress in NSW next week. I’m looking forward to the opportunity to present some new material – this time around web business (my focus will be web applications).

At my WDS08 talk I mentioned that CPA Australia were using Ning to encourage networking around the Congress. We’ve just started a group [site no longer available] there if anyone’s interested in participating.

Details of the session follow:

Maximising the opportunities of the online marketplace

From the embers of the ‘dot-com’ collapse we are seeing a new breed of internet-based businesses and rapidly evolving opportunities for business service delivery.

Yet even organisations that have the right formula are faced with the challenge of managing rapid growth whilst still ensuring quality of service.

Explore the key trends and concepts underpinning successful e-commerce businesses:

  • The rise of ‘Web 2.0’
  • Agile methodology
  • Leveraging network effects and the long tail
  • Mashups, social media and going mobile
  • User-centred and social design
  • Scaling and internationalisation challenges
Business 2.0, Social media & networking, Work

CPA Branding Conference presentation

Today I had the pleasure of presenting at the CPA Australia Branding Conference on the topic of social media. Thanks to everyone who came along.

I’ve uploaded the presentation, which is a bit of an amalgam of my last presentation and Tuesday’s workshop, to Slideshare.

The presentation notes (PDF 6.45 MB) contain additional links and reference material.

Update 28 May 2008: In the presentation notes I state that MySpace is larger than Facebook. Seems this is no longer the case.