Software & web applications

New feature in Campaign Monitor

Freshview have announced a new feature that allows you to compare the performance indicators (open, bounce, click rates) across a number of campaigns.

I can see this feature being immensely useful for anyone that is using the tool. Previously I’ve had to pull together various reports in a spreadsheet to get nice graphs comparing performance over time etc. and this makes it a lot easier.

I also dig Mathew’s suggestion of doing A/B comparison of different subject lines etc. A great way to tweak the performance of your campaigns.

Design, Work

Futuremakers email featured at SitePoint

When I was working at WWF-Australia a lot of effort went into making the organisation’s key email communications as effective as possible. So I was delighted today to see that Mathew from Freshview has chosen the Futuremakers email template as a sample of good email design in his SitePoint article The Principles of Beautiful HTML Email. (Thanks Mathew!)

A lot of “behind the scenes” work went into making sure that the email format worked across all the popular web email software (esp. Hotmail and Gmail). But also we had very clear objectives for the content layout, which is what Mathew highlighted in his article.

P.S. the email was also featured previously in the Campaign Monitor email gallery, which is a great resource for reviewing best practice in email design – as well as providing some nice eye-candy ;)