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Amnesty are hiring

Another quick note to mention that Amnesty International Australia are hiring – from the AIA team:

AIA is recruiting! We’re looking for an experienced, energetic digital marketing professional to help us with our ambitious growth objectives. The role is responsible for designing and implementing online initiatives to recruit, retain and mobilise supporters. They need to be a whizz at copywriting, e-comms, design optimisation, SEM, SEO and social media — plus a bit of a data geek.

More information about the position is on the AIA site.

NGOs & Nonprofits

Social Tech

I’ve mentioned the Social Tech meetups a few times on this blog. Well, now the group has a blog of its own.

The site provides an outline of the group’s goals, as well as giving us a way of promoting meetups outside of the Facebook group. We’ll also hopefully be able to continue some discussions from the meetups online.

There’s not a lot there at the moment – just an announcement of the next meetup and some coverage of part of the discussion at the last meetup – but it will grow over time.

P.S. for those that are looking for an OpenID sign-in – it doesn’t appear that hosted blogs support OpenID in this way. If there’s a setting I’ve missed, lemme know…