Michael Masserman’s talk at Digital Eskimo

I had the pleasure of attending a talk hosted at Digital Eskimo the other week, by Michael Masserman, one of the political campaigners on the Obama campaign.

Thankfully the Eskimos recorded the event so I don’t need to do a write up ;) [Note: the link in that post is currently incorrect – correct link below the vid in this post]

Although Michael’s talk focused on offline organising, it was still inspiring and informative to hear, even for an online geek like me.

Check it out:

DE Talks: Michael Masserman and Grassroots Community Organisation on the Obama Campaign from Digital Eskimo on Vimeo.


del.icio.us links (05-Feb-2008)

  • Twitter is an Event Aggregator – Interesting use of Twitter – posting news related to the “Super Tuesday” primary voting in the U.S.
  • Companies must listen to the Web 2.0 world – I don’t like the “avoid risk” case for social media strategy; I prefer to focus on opportunities. This article provides an overview of the potential risks. I’ve found that blogs can be a bell-weather for broader constituent sentiment, so worth watching.
  • Internet fundraising trends 2008 – A collection of predictions for fundraising and donating in 2008, incl. a spot from Priscilla @ Solidariti and Seth Godin.

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del.icio.us links (15-Jan-2008 to 17-Jan-2008)

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