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IxDA Sydney presentation

Over the course of a few recent posts I’ve explored some of the challenges with reducing electricity consumption in a high-density residential environment.

On 2 June (Thursday next week) I’ll be diving into this problem space a little bit further at the IxDA Sydney meetup, and demonstrating some recent work and early directions that have been emerging from our consideration of this design challenge.

My talk is titled: Ambient interfaces: Influencing energy behaviours in urban environments Continue reading

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Art, Design and Social Enterprise at COFA

Photo from one of Mickey Kovari’s Flashpoint Labs at Evans High School. Photo by Nana.

Photo from one of Mickey Kovari’s Flashpoint Labs at Evans High School. Photo by Nana.

Just a quick note to say that I’ll be doing a short (<20 min) presentation and joining a panel discussion with Mickey Kovari and Janine Cahill at COFA on Tuesday night (3 Apr).

The theme of the evening is Art, Design and Social Enterprise and we’ll each be exploring our experiences in designing for sustainability. Given the depth of experience of the other panelists I expect I’ll get a lot out of the evening.

The event is part of the COFA Talks series. Details are:

Date: April 3, 2012
Time: 6–8pm
COFA lecture theatre: EGO2
Cnr Oxford Street and Greens Road
Paddington, NSW

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“Pure Living” IF Talk – July 14

Just a quick note to mention that I’ll be participating in the panel at July’s IF Talks, on the topic of “Sustainable Future & Pure Living”:

Our environment is currently facing huge obstacles that have the potential to seriously disrupt our future and the future of our shared environment. Whilst there is speculation, the current apocalyptic predictions for our planet tend to paralyze people rather than motivate people to take action.

However this is changing and Australia is home to some of the world leaders in environmental, sustainable and pure living methodologies, practices and knowledge.

IF set out to find the innovators who seek to create a better future for humanity by improving our shared environment. Be it through design, business, collaboration or strategic thinking and action.

This IF talk is an enthusiastic and informed look and discussion around the future of pure living, why, how and more importantly, how business, corporations and organisations can and should be applying this type of thinking to modern companies in the immediate future.

The Eventbrite page for the event has more details about the event (and you can also purchase tickets there if you’re interested in attending). All profits from IF talks are donated to STREAT to help provide homeless youth with a pathway to full time employment.


Ezio Manzini speaking tour

While researching my report on design thinking and sustainability I finally had a chance to read some of Ezio Manzini’s papers on the topic. While I’d heard many good things about Ezio’s work (especially from Dave and Penny), I’d not had much of a chance to really dig into it.

The focus of the papers I read were on the concept of “enabling solutions” – that is designs that, rather than taking away problems, build people’s efficacy to solve the challenges they face, increasing their “resourcefulness” (to borrow a term from Emily Campbell’s RSA paper You know more than you think you do: Design as resourcefulness & self-reliance [PDF 356KB]).

While at the time I didn’t fully appreciate the relevance of these papers to my intended report, by the time I’d finished writing it I realised Manzini’s ideas had been very influential. Which is why I’m so excited to see that Ezio is speaking in Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney next month in a tour co-organised by ASIX, TACSI, and the Centre for Social Impact.

In each state Ezio will be doing both a public forum: “Small, local, open, connected” and masterclass: “Next economy – enabling sustainable ways of living”. From the masterclass blurb:

Perhaps the world’s leading expert on sustainable design, Ezio Manzini sits at the interface between design, community and social innovation with a focus on scenario building toward solutions encompassing both environmental and social quality.

This masterclass will explore how the interplay between social and technical innovation is opening up brand new opportunities. How can we conceive and deliver “enabling solutions”? How can individuals, businesses, institutions, associations and communities collaborate in the framework of viable business models to support sustainable ways of living?

This masterclass is for policy-makers and practitioners who are interested in sustainability, social innovation and cross-disciplinary collaboration.

I’d thoroughly recommend this tour/series to anyone interested in sustainability and/or social innovation – I’m sure it will be an engaging and inspiring set of sessions…

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Up-coming events

Just a quick note to mention a few up-coming events that I’ll be attending.

Essential Media Communications (EMC) Summer School

I’ll be presenting at EMC‘s “Summer School” program this coming Thursday 18 February. The two-day event is mostly a hands-on practical event, exploring campaigning tactics on a demonstrative campaign. (Disclosure: EMC is one of Zumio’s clients)

My keynote will kick off the event looking at how participatory activism (including social networks etc.) presents great opportunities, but requires a different perspective to traditional tactics to make the most of it.

This is an invite only event, but Gemma at EMC, who is co-ordinating the event, tells me that there are some spare spaces for participants from NGOs and non-profits – so get in touch with Gemma if you are interested: gemma AT essentialmedia DOT com DOT au.

Social Innovation Camp

The team at the Australian Social Innovation Exchange (ASIX) recently announced the successful ideas that will be developed at the up-coming Social Innovation Camp being held in Sydney 5-7 March.

I’ll be attending the event which I hope will be a great couple of days. Zumio is also providing consulting services as part of the prize for the winning idea at the camp – more to come on that front soon.

Enviro 2010

In July I’ll be attending and presenting a short talk at the Enviro 2010 conference in Melbourne.

I’ll post more about the topic a little closer to the date, but in essence my talk, which is scheduled for 22 July, will be looking at how applying the principles and tools of design practice and social networking to sustainability challenges presents opportunities for innovation, along with other benefits.