Web Directions – just around the corner

I can’t believe how quickly time is flying lately. Web Directions South seemed so far away when the program was announced, but now it’s just two weeks away!

Preparations are under way in camp Zumio (the recent Slideshare contest providing extra inspiration), and it seems like it’s going to be another great event this year – especially with an “new and improved” WebJam [site no longer active] taking place on the evening of Day 1 at Bar Broadway.

If you missed out on the recent discount pricing, you can use the promo code “WDS08-GY” when you register to get $50 off the ticket price.

Anyways – I hope to see some familiar faces on the day – especially given the fact that the two other sessions scheduled during the slot I’m presenting in (11:45am on the 25th) are top quality too – I’m disappointed I’m missing them in fact!

Social media & networking, Work

Web Directions South

The details of Web Directions South 08 have been announced. Having been inspired by previous years’ events, I’m excited to this year be participating as a presenter.

It’s probably little surprise that my session is entitled Strategies for social media engagement, part of the management/strategy track. The session outline:

With so many social networks blooming, all with different participants and methods of interaction, it can be hard to determine where to invest your energy, time and $$.

The session will provide ideas and a “background briefing” to help you answer the question:

  • why is social media important to my organisation?
  • what is the ROI for social media?
  • how can I evaluate which approaches are right for me/my organisation?
  • what sort of activities can/should I undertake in these spaces?

This is not a technical session and although we will briefly touch on some popular sites, the focus will be on how you and your organisation can effectively and authentically engage participants in the social media world.

I’m looking forward to attending this year – there are some great speakers and sessions in the program – Jeffrey Veen and Mark Pesce are both presenting this year, and the previous talks I’ve seen both do were excellent – and I suspect (hope) this time ’round will be just as good.

I’m also interested in catching the sessions by Gabriel White, Teale Shapcott and Kay Smoljak, among others. (The schedule hasn’t been announced yet, so hopefully there’s no clashes!)