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Web Directions South 2010 – presentation and notes

Thanks to everyone who came to see the presentation at Web Directions South yesterday, and sorry we weren’t able to have a bit more discussion at the end of the session — some great questions and ideas came up that I would have liked to explore further.  I’ve posted the presentation to Slideshare:

Or you can download a PDF of the presentation, along with notes (PDF 14.4 MB), including pointers to the various sites and articles I mentioned in the presentation.

Business 2.0, Government 2.0, Presentations, Social media & networking, Sustainability, Work

Web Directions South: Creating platforms for social innovation

I’m very excited to be joining an inspiring line-up at Web Directions South in a few weeks’ time, presenting on the topic of Creating platforms for social innovation:

People are redefining the relationship they have with the organisations they interact with, empowered by social technologies.  They are seeking:

  • Human-ness: as organisations have grown in size and become more and more depersonalised, people are wanting more human interactions and personal response;
  • Trust: from greenwashing to the GFC, the market’s trust has been eroded — people are looking for organisations to say what they mean and mean what they say;
  • Co-creation: people are taking a more active role in developing the products and services that they use.  And if they don’t find what they’re looking for, they will often create it themselves;
  • Responsibility: people want to engage with organisations that are genuinely addressing the complex issues of sustainability and wellbeing.

Building a brand, service or product offering that resonates in this new “economy of meaning” requires a rethinking of an organisation’s relationship to the “market” — their customers, stakeholders and the environment.

In this presentation we will examine how innovative organisations are using social technologies and design methods to create multi-dimensional value — both for the organisational and community — and will explore the themes that underpin the examples with a view to applying them in your context.

Regular readers will note that the session is focused on a number of themes that I’ve been exploring here lately, so I’m really looking forward to connecting with other folks at the conference around these concepts.

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Web Directions South Roadshow workshop materials

Presentation notes

Thanks again to everyone who participated in the Melbourne and Sydney workshops. As promised, here are the presentation slides, along with my notes (PDF 14.78 MB) from the presentation component of the day.

Of course, I can’t include all of the great discussion that took place, but hopefully it will help jog the memory as well as provide some further details on some of the topics we covered.

Workshop materials

The material generated by workshop participants is also available for download:

The remainder should be up by Monday.

Other follow-ups

Two follow-ups from the workshops:

  1. There was a question about RSS in Outlook: one that I’m aware of is NewGator Inbox [Update 21 June 2011: as far as I can tell this product is no longer available, so I’ve removed the link], although it seems that Outlook 2007 has an RSS reader built in.
  2. I mentioned the “Government 2.0” Google group in (I think) the Melbourne workshop also. I’ve also come across a Government 2.0 Australia Ning community (they are different groups, but exploring similar themes. Neither are specifically focused on social networking, but may be of interest all the same.

If any readers have other related resources to suggest, it would be great if you could do so in the comments.


I wanted to say thanks to a number of folks who participated in the workshop by being so generous with their time and insights (in alphabetical order):

Your input and generosity was greatly appreciated by the participants (and especially by me!) Some of the video and other materials from the case studies should find their way into blog posts in the not too distant future…

Thanks also to Penny Hagen who assisted in preparation for the workshop. And last, but not least, Maxine, John and the WDS team for organising such a wonderful event and presenters’ dinner. It was a wonderful opportunity that I deeply appreciate…

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Roadshow thanks

Participants of the Web Directions South Roadshow workshop in Melbourne

Just wanted to make a quick post to thank all the participants of the Web Directions South (WDS) Roadshow Engaging social media workshops that we did in Melbourne and Sydney this week.

I personally enjoyed them a lot – the energy of the folks involved was fantastic. From the feedback I’ve received it sounds like y’all enjoyed and valued the experience too. Thanks also to those of you who pointed out things that could be improved – your points and insights help tremendously.

I’ll be collating the materials generated through the workshops and tweaking the presentation materials for distribution early- to mid-next week. The WDS folks will be in touch via email with details as soon as they’re ready.

P.S. my preparation for this workshop, along with preparations for a major delivery for Inspire, have meant it’s been awfully quiet around here of late. I suspect May will see a bit more posting in these parts…

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WDS09 Roadshow – Workshop progress

Just a quick note about the WDS09 Roadshow workshops that I’m facilitating in April. Plans for the day are starting to take shape, and I’m in the process of organising some interviews with folks doing interesting things in the social networking space so anyone that comes along won’t be listening to me all day long ;)

Not that that would have been the case anyway – my friend and colleague Penny Hagen has been lending a hand working out the flow of the day – the aim is to keep things “hands on” and practical.

I hope to have a bit more to post as we get closer to the date – but in the meantime a reminder that you can get a discount if you use the code “WD-GY” when you register, reducing the price to $499 for the day.