We support your team as they progress through the key phases of product and business development, untangling what is referred to as the fuzzy front end of the design process.


Our approach provides a solid foundation as you navigate the inevitable ambiguity of this challenging, but rewarding, phase in innovation practice. We walk with you as you uncover opportunities, locate optimal solutions, and ultimately reduce the risk associated with bringing innovations to market.

We bring our expertise in digital product design, user experience, and Lean Startup methodology to bear in achieving your organisational objectives. We do this at both the organisation level (for example, to develop business plans and strategies) and project level (developing new products or services, or re-imagining existing ones).

Depending on where you’re at in your journey, we can help you:

  • Generate new ideas—e.g. business models, products and services—that harness the power of the networked and socially aware economy,
  • Translate your ideas into compelling products + services, informed by customer insights, with high market potential,
  • Build and test new offerings in the market, or
  • Refine and evolve existing offerings to increase traction.