In an increasingly urban world, we believe that it is more important than ever that we find compelling and meaningful ways to restore and maintain our connection to the natural environment that supports us.

We see great promise in how technology can help create this connection, supporting the inexorable shift to more sustainable living patterns and practices.

We believe in the principles of for-purpose business—such as BCorps and shared value—where society prospers as a direct result of business success.

We recognise that people are critical in the process, and acknowledge that they are often overlooked in techno-utopian visions of the connected, digital future.

Our goal and vision is to ensure that all of these spheres—people, technology, business, the natural world—are included as we design the future…

In every project, our team works to the following principles:

Be curious and confident Be open to the unexpected—be on the lookout for hidden patterns and unexpected opportunities. Design like you’re right, listen like you’re wrong. Seek first to understand, then be understood.

Create lean value Keep people—and what they value—at the centre of what you do. Uncover where the value truly lies, and only do things that move towards it. Don’t confuse “efficient” with “effective”—sometimes exploration and “down-time” is required to find innovative solutions.

Create positive impact Be positive, reliable and trustworthy. Work with positive people. Nurture long-term relationships. Behave sustainably and look after the environment. Measure, so that you know you are actually achieving the intended outcomes.

Adapt and invent Be creative in problem-solving. Seek to adapt and re-use what already exists before creating something new. Be sure that anything new brought into the world really adds value.

Own your work Be proactive. Immerse yourself in your client’s world. Let your pride and care be evident in what you produce and how you do it.

Keep a sense of perspective Remember the context of what and why. Details are important, but don’t get lost in them. “Be kind, for everyone is fighting a hard battle.”

What’s in a name

Our name “Zumio” is a play on words that reflects the idea of “zooming in and out”. This is in keeping with our overall approach to design, where we “diverge and converge” from bigger-picture/broader context into the details, as outlined by the UK National Health Service (NHS) (see Thinking Differently: Introduction and Concepts p. 22)…

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