Grant Young

Principal Designer & Consultant

Grant is excited to be leading Zumio at a time when his personal passion—helping support people live more sustainably in day-to-day life—is aligned with the pressing need for businesses to work more sustainably.

Grant has a background that crosses strategic design, social network engagement and web application development, and in his role with Zumio he draws upon skills gained in each of these areas.

With a practical understanding of the shifting economic and cultural currents of the networked and socially-aware economy, Grant offers his clients a unique perspective on how their business or project can thrive within it.

Experience working for and within commercial, public and non-profit organisations has given him insight into the specific perspectives and challenges of each sector. An experienced facilitator, he is skilled in guiding collaboration and building organisational support for new innovations. Grant has run workshops with stakeholders ranging from senior executives to frontline employees to customers and the general public, and has delivered thought-provoking presentations at events such as Web Directions South and Enviro 2010.

Grant has attained a Master of Sustainable Practice through RMIT, where he worked on projects related to shared value in the SME sector and the intersection of social technologies and behaviour change.

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Zumio regularly engages a trusted cohort of experienced specialists to deliver our projects. We assemble project teams to meet our clients’ specific requirements, to ensure we remain cost-effective and nimble, providing our clients what they need, without the overheads of keeping “bums on seats” that they don’t need.

Angela Jann

Web Developer + Educator, Resonancy

Angela guides businesses as they turn their website idea into reality. She delivers projects that create a resonance between her clients’ brand, vision and individuality and their customers. While her core focus is on building an online presence for SMEs, Angela also provides coaching and training for technology-based applications such as WordPress.

A key driver in Angela’s work is the importance of accessible, standards-compliant code to deliver responsive designs that work across all devices. She takes a systems-driven approach to guiding each client through the development process.

Angela has over 20 years of experience in adult education, course development, management and technology. Through working in corporate, government and NGO environments, Angela has built a reputation for creating efficient and effective solutions, especially in training and management contexts.

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Daniel Sammut & Blake Mills

Digital Brand Design, Made Together

Made Together is a boutique digital design studio partnering with forward-thinking companies to create authentic brand identities and engaging digital products.

Founded by two passionate designers, Daniel Sammut and Blake Mills, Made Together are a small and ambitious team with an exceptional eye for detail and a knack for making things simpler, smarter, more beautiful and more enjoyable.

Working at the intersection of brand and digital, they bring a balanced perspective to every project to ensure that the brands they work with consistently make an impact across platforms, both digital and physical.

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Natalie Rowland

Qualitative Specialist, Redrollers

Natalie is a qualitative researcher who is dedicated to finding creative ways to discover and share rich insights about the ever-changing landscape in which people, brands and society operate.

Natalie has worked with a range of methodologies from video ethnography, mobile diaries and cultural probes, to more traditional modes such as focus groups, friendship triads and interviews. Natalie understands the importance of a human-centred approach to design. She plays an active role in the discovery phase: unpacking user needs, motivations and contextual insights to inform and inspire the design process.

Natalie has over 12 years experience as a qualitative specialist working for social and market research agencies, as well as with design and advertising agencies, in Australia and the UK. She holds a Bachelor of Commerce (UNSW) and a Masters in Social Inquiry (University of Technology Sydney), and is principal of qualitative research agency Redrollers.

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Dr Penny Hagen

Design Strategist

Penny assists organisations to apply design-led approaches to the design of strategy, programs, policies and services. She is passionate about the value of co-design for improving social outcomes, and provides training and mentoring to teams and organisations wanting to increase their impact through the adoption of more participatory approaches.

Over the past 15 years Penny has designed and led a range of co-design projects in Australia and New Zealand working across multiple sectors. Past roles include Projects Director at social design agency Digital Eskimo, Sydney, and User Experience Director at Digital Arts Network (DAN) in Auckland.

Penny has a PhD in Participatory Design and is a visiting Scholar at the University of Technology Sydney.

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