Our name “Zumio” is a play on words that reflects the idea of “zooming in and out”. This is in keeping with our overall approach to design, where we “diverge and converge” from bigger-picture/broader context into the details, as outlined by the UK National Health Service (NHS) (see Thinking Differently: Introduction and Concepts p. 22) in the diagram below.


Our process enables progression through these waves across the duration of a project, narrowing in on optimum solutions using design thinking and iterative management techniques.

A key to getting achieving “different ways of looking at it all” is a zooming out to understand the broader context—social, environmental, business and organisational—in which our work exists.

And this idea of zooming in and out also reflects the interplay between strategy (out) and execution (in), as well as the internal goals of the organisation (in) and what is valued by the people we aim to serve (out)—i.e. we know it’s not a one way street, that each informs the other.

Overall, our approach provides a number of benefits for our clients, including reducing risk, reduced time to market, and increasing the chance of project success.