Everyone’s talking about digital disruption… how always-on connectivity and digital technologies like smartphones, tablets and phablets, apps, social media, wearables, the Internet of Things, big data—the list goes on—are challenging existing ways of doing business. And how these technologies are enabling new models of value creation, like collaborative consumption, are transforming society in their wake.

In this connected world, the expectations of our customers and stakeholders—the people we aim to serve—are rapidly, and radically, evolving. “Digital” is no longer something separate, something “nice to have”. For-purpose organisations seeking to create shared value—where society prospers as a direct result of organisational success—are not immune.

What if we were able to harness these new ways of thinking and working?

Research shows (PDF 2.3MB) that organisations that are able to do so out-perform their peers. However, it takes more than just building an app or refreshing your website to take full advantage of these opportunities. The most powerful outcomes come from rethinking how we go about what we do, from a social and digital perspective.

So how can you get on the right part of the “digital disruption” wave: to harness its energy, rather than be battered by it?

Maybe you have some ideas about how digital can advance your venture, but aren’t sure how to make that happen? Or perhaps you’re finding it hard to make sense of what’s what, what’s relevant, and how you can leverage them for your organisation—you’re just not clear on where you should invest?

That’s where we can help…

Sharing economy

Entire sectors are being shaken up by digitally-supported business models that radically re-organise how value is delivered. These models provide an opportunity to respond to customer demand while creating positive impact. What is the “Access Economy” The confluence of digital technology, the rise of social networks, and a revival of the sharing ethos, in part…

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